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what is your gold?
gold isn’t just a stone and not all gold is heavy. it doesn’t all shine. hell… most gold is not gold at all. gold is the purest form of one’s individual happiness. to some… it is simple. it can be toes in the sand. open road. a song. to others it may be a hand to hold. to me… gold flakes can even be found on a face. in a voice. in hours spent laughing. in hair falling in front of a pair of shy eyes. in the stars. in pair of lips. gold can be an idea. a being. a state of mind. it is anything you make of it. what is value? what makes something valuable? is it demand? is it based on how rare or pure it is? or is it just how major of a roll it plays in your happiness and/or well being? how can love truly ever be measured? whatever it is… the most precious things found in the world… the things that are worth the most… are not worth selling and are never needed to be bought. they just need to be found. the value is found in the soul. it is not transferrable. never sell the even smallest pieces of your soul. if it brings you light. if it brings you love. hold onto it. it is no one else’s to hold. no one else can tell how much your gold weighs. hold on to whatever it is. tightly. by saying “hold on”… i don’t mean hide it in a safe. gold should not be locked up in a steel cage. it should not be hidden. gold should be held and felt by our bare hands. it should be seen with our own eyes. it should be constantly touched. by holding what we value in our hands… we can feel the texture. the weight. we can make sure that it’s there. gold isn’t always found early on in life. it can take someone many moons to find what they are looking for. sometimes it stands in front of your eyes just once. sometimes it lingers. we can never be sure. however… one thing IS for sure. if it’s there… if it’s right in front of you… you better take it. it won’t be there forever. don’t let it blind you. don’t let anyone else have a chance at it. what are you afraid of? losing it after you find it? just because it is worth substantial amounts… doesn’t mean you should worry about losing it. if you don’t let it go… it can’t be lost. keep that grip. it’s better to have something pure and heavy for a split moment… than to never feel it at all. as humans… the worst thing we can ever do is deny ourselves happiness. how do you measure gold? your heart. not by time.. not by business.. but by happiness. by love. our mind’s are calculators. you can put numbers in them. you can type amounts and weights in. but even the most powerful of minds and calculators will never be able to tell you what is truly right for you and what is going to take you to paradise. love can’t be calculated. only felt. it’s the heart that is the universe’s most underrated scale. if it weighs heavy on your heart.. if it makes you feel.. if it makes you fight… you need to never let it go. stop putting in numbers and thinking in dimes. you are wasting more than just your time. don’t let something or someone that is dear to you fall into someone else’s pocket. that gold… that happiness.. that opportunity is yours. you deserve it. it is yours to keep forever. have you found gold? i can honestly say that i have. i am one of the lucky ones. i may be just a pile of bones… but those bones can one day lay to rest knowing i have found something worth laying to rest for. i have felt it. i have sang to it. i have leaned on her shoulder and whispered into her ear. you’re going to have to detach my hands and arms from my body before you ever see me let my gold go. i’d rather hold gold in my hands with the possibility of it being rough and scratching me… than hold any other smooth, safe stone in these hands. it is mine. let it be yours. it is in my sky. it is under my skin. it is under her eyes. and it is in every deep breath that i take. i hope to be someone’s gold someday. just know that not all of us shine… but we all have worth. we all are gold in ways that we can’t yet see or feel… and in due time we will all find a piece of our own. when you do… just promise me that you’ll wear it proudly and loudly. it belongs to no one else. don’t let me go.
find your gold.
-alexander michael deleon
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